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"To Southall Funeral Service,

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-Mr. Toor, January 2013

Pre-paid funeral plans

Brought to you by Southall Funeral Service in association with Golden Charter Funeral Plans.


For many people, planning their funeral has become an established way of looking at the future, just like making a Will.


More than 860,000 people in Great Britain have taken out a funeral plan. Usually,they have known the grief of bereavement and don't want their families to go through the stress of making arrangements.


Many have established a relationship of trust with their local family funeral director. Who better to advise them on such a sensitive topic and to assist them with all the details.


We believe that the Independent Way funeral plan, which is only available only through independent funeral directors such as ourselves, offers you significant advantages over other plans.

Planning your funeral the Independent Way

With the Independent Way plan, we will make sure that your loved ones will be spared much of the burden of organising a funeral. You'll have specified every detail in advance and taken care of all the costs that are within our control.

To discuss our pre-paid funeral plans call Southall Funeral Service in West London on

020 3761 914

A guarantee that covers all our services

No matter how much our services may rise in cost in years to come, once your plan is fully in place, neither you nor your loved ones will be asked for a penny more for them. It's a guarantee that give you peace of mind and you can be assured that your family will be spared what could be a financial worry.


There are some costs that we are obliged to pay on your behalf. These third party costs include the charges of cemeteries and crematoria, as well as doctors' fees for cremation certificates, the fees of clergy or officiants and the costs of newspaper notices and memorials. The amount of this expenditure is not within our control and may require a further payment at the time of need.

A sound financial decision

When you take out an Independent Way plan, you have the reassurance that your money is protected, you select how you wish to pay for your plan and, depending on your choice, your money is paid into the Golden Charter Trust or to one of the UK's leading life assurance companies.


Your money grows and, when the time comes, we receive the payment, including any growth, and use this money to provide the agreed services to your family. No matter how much costs have risen in the intervening period, your loved ones will not be asked for a penny more for the guaranteed services included within your plan.

Endorsed by leading bodies of the funeral profession

The Independent Way is recommended by the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors.


Golden Charter is the only funeral plan provider recommended by the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF), which was established in 1989 to serve the interest and needs of independent funeral directors.


Golden Charter has been accepted as a 'Registered Provider by the Funeral Planning Authority.


The Funeral Planning Authority was created to Governments legislation introduced to ensure protection of money paid by consumers for funeral plans.


Customers purchasing a plan from a Registered Provider have the reassurance that they are dealing with one of most reputable companies in the industry, which maintains high standards and protects its planholders' fund.


For more information please call us, use the contact us page or see or download the sections of the Independent Way Funeral Plan below.