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"To Southall Funeral Service,

Doing things for others is such a special art and it deserves

a "Thank You" directly from the heart."

-Mr. Toor, January 2013

Green funerals at GreenAcres Woodland Burials

GreenAcres Woodland Burials has been instrumental in revolutionising the funeral and burial industry in the UK.


Graves and ashes plots also may be chosen and purchased in advance of the time of need by those planning for their own future, providing peace of mind as well as a financial advantage.

Somerset Willow Coffins & Ashes Caskets

The Somerset  Willow Company first started making willow coffins in 1998, since then they've continued to provide a passionate, loving and dedicated alternative for those families wishing to make one of their Somerset willow coffins the final fitting tribute to their loved one.

To discuss our green funerals call Southall Funeral Service in West London on

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